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Weltkarte der tektonischen Spannungen

The research unit World Stress Map investigates the present-day tectonic stress field in the Earth's crust. For this purpose, the existing data set of the World Stress Map is constantly being expanded by newly received and critically reviewed data. The database and the stress maps are available online in an up-to-date form to the international scientific community. The main focus of the research…


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Wissenschaftlich-kritische Herausgabe von Werken Max Regers

Max Reger (1873-1916) has left us, both in terms of expansiveness and complexity, with a monumental oeuvre. Apart from operas, his works encompasses all contemporaneous genres – chamber music, piano compositions, choirs, orchestral pieces and choir symphonies. Especially remarkable are, for a designated pioneer of new music, his work with organs as well as his revisions of other composers’ works,…


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