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Das Sächsisch-Magdeburgische Recht als kulturelles Bindeglied zwischen den Rechtsordnungen Ost- und Mitteleuropas

In addition to Roman and canonical law, the Sachsenspiegel (reported in the Eastern Harz foreland between 1220 and 1235) and the famous town charter of Magdeburg (developed in the town of Magdeburg and decisively shaped by the spellings of the local court chair between the 13th and 15th centuries) form the common foundations of Central and Eastern European legal systems. Simultaneously with the…


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The Telemann-Auswahlausgabe is a scientific-critical edition that also takes into account the requirements of musical practice. It aims to offer a representative selection of individual genres and creative periods of the composer. About 50 volumes of critical reports and 3 supplementary volumes are planned. External editors also work for the edition.

It was only late that Telemann moved into…


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Wörterbuch der russischen Sprache der Gegenwart

In view of outdated Russian-German standard works, for which there will be no replacement in the foreseeable future here, as in Russia, as well as the normative character of previous bilingual Russian dictionaries, the Russian-German dictionary represents a desideratum of great cultural-political significance. The task is to create a complete dictionary on a new and philologically reliable basis,…


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