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Altägyptische Kursivschriften. Digitale Paläographie und systematische Analyse des Hieratischen und der Kursivhieroglyphen

The subject of the interdisciplinary project, which combines egyptological research with methods from computer philology, consists of the ancient Egyptian scripts called Hieratic and cursive hieroglyphic script, both having been used alongside monumental hieroglyphic script for over 3000 years. The inventory of signs taken from selected texts is systematically and digitally recorded with different…

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Die Inschriften des ptolemäerzeitlichen Tempels von Edfu

The Horus Temple of Edfu, built between 237 and 57 BC, is considered the best preserved temple of Egyptian antiquity and the entire ancient world. The aim of the project is the edition of the inscriptions of the Ptolemaic temple of Edfu, beginning with the securing of the text basis, translation, supplementation with philological comments up to the publication of extensive materials from the areas…

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Strukturen und Transformationen des Wortschatzes der ägyptischen Sprache. Text-und Wissenskulturen im alten Ägypten

The Egyptian-Coptic language is the human language with the longest documented lifetime, clocking at 4,500 years prior to its extinction. Its vocabulary reflects the knowledge and worldviews of one of the formative cultures of the ancient world. In order to explore the linguistic and cultural evidence of this historical episteme, the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities (BBAW) and…

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