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Burchards Dekret Digital. Arbeitsplattform zu Texterschließung und Wirkungsgeschichte früh- und hochmittelalterlicher Rechtskulturen

Ecclesiastical law had a lasting influence on Western and Central Europe until the 20th century and contributed fundamentally to the emergence of common European legal foundations. The ways in which these influences were transmitted are manifold and go back a long way. For it was not only since the 12th century - as is often claimed - that Europe developed into a unified area in many respects in…


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Neue persistierende Viren bei Immunopathien und Tumorkrankheiten des hämatopoetischen Systems

At the Medical Faculty of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg there exists a research unit of the Academy of Sciences and Literature in Mainz. In the long term, the research program is designed to investigate the pathogenetic role of new chronic persisting viruses in immunodeficiency and tumor diseases of the hematopoietic system and to explore new therapeutic methods. The work is carried out in…


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Regesta Imperii. Quellen zur Reichsgeschichte

The aim of REGESTA IMPERII is to record all documented and historiographically documented activities of the Roman-German kings and emperors from the Carolingians up to Maximilian I. (approx. 751-1519) as well as of selected popes in the form of German “Regesten” (abstracts).

The starting point of the undertaking is strongly connected with the name of the Frankfurt municipal librarian Friedrich…


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