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Radiometrische Altersbestimmung von Wasser und Sedimenten

The project aims to date objects from palaeoenvironmental archives (sediments, tree rings, water) with the highest possible temporal accuracy and to investigate as well as document abrupt climatic fluctuations in the past. The main goal is to reconstruct the changes in global and regional climate over the last 10,000 to 300,000 years. The informations obtained in the project is relevant for…


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The role of culture in early expansions of humans

Human evolution is a story of expansions. During the last two million years the genus Homo spread from Africa into Asia and Europe in several waves of migration. New species developed and old groups became extinct (range expansions). As early as three million years ago, hominins had established new ways of dealing with their specific environment through culture. Stone tools produced with the help…


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