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Biotische Struktur von Stauseen

The biotic structure of a water body, together with its physicochemical and hydrological properties, forms the most important basis for the assessment of its mass balance and the recording of environmental changes. The project focuses on the causal analysis of dominant processes and the long-term development of material flows and biological structures in reservoir ecosystems.

Reservoirs are…


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Frühwarnsysteme für globale Umweltveränderungen

Within the framework of the marine and polar research programmes funded by the Federal Government, many gaps in basic knowledge about the sea as an ecosystem and the links between the oceans and climate development have been closed, especially in recent years. Cooperation with partners from the former Eastern Bloc has considerably expanded the research opportunities, which has had an…


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Großräumige Klimaänderungen und ihre Bedeutung für die Umwelt

The aim of the research project, which is scheduled to run until 2018, is to record and understand the mechanisms of the Earth's climate system, its responses to external drives (increasing greenhouse gases, solar variability, volcanic eruptions, etc.) and their effects on the anthroposphere. The basis of the research tasks, which include diagnostics and a possible forecast of climate change, is…


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Naturhaushalt und Gebietscharakter

The research unit is dedicated to the long-term investigation of landscape changes. This includes the development and testing of recording and evaluation methods to determine and predict the condition, functionality and resilience of the landscape at different aggregation levels. The aim is to analyse and evaluate the impact of anthropogenic influences on the structure and function of the…


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Prize Papers. Erschließung - Digitalisierung - Präsentation

The project’s object is the systematic cataloguing, digitisation and online presentation of the Prize Papers Collection and its extraordinary materiality. This record of historic worlds in the context of early modern global interlacing, in its unmatched richness and connectedness, is to be worked on in its manifold dimensions by an interdisciplinary and multilingual team of junior researchers and…


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Umwelt- und Klimaforschung. Seismik des Vogtlandes

The object of research is a long-term investigation of fluid release at natural mineral springs and mofettes in geodynamically active areas, especially in the Upper Vogtland. Changes of quantitative parameters, such as source discharge or degassing rate as well as radiometric-geochemical indicators (nuclide content, isotope ratio, ion and gas concentration) are linked to geophysical parameters,…


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Umwelt- und Klimaforschung. Paläogeographie/Paläoklimatologie

For the climatic-stratigraphic development in the Quaternary Earth history, an absolute time scale is worked out by the physical age determinations of rocks, fossils and archaeological objects in different areas of the Earth. Methods of luminescence dating and the investigation of their solid-state physics and dosimetric properties are of special interest. Other methods (e.g. radiocarbon and…


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Weltkarte der tektonischen Spannungen

The research unit World Stress Map investigates the present-day tectonic stress field in the Earth's crust. For this purpose, the existing data set of the World Stress Map is constantly being expanded by newly received and critically reviewed data. The database and the stress maps are available online in an up-to-date form to the international scientific community. The main focus of the research…


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