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disiecta membra. Stone Architecture and Urbanism in Roman Germany

Roman stone architecture represents a unique treasure of cultural heritage that gives evidence of early forms of sustainable urbanity in Germany. However, most of it has survived as dislocated building elements (disiecta membra), whose existence so far has hardly been known, let alone published. The academy project therefore serves to index, link and evaluate this corpus of material (approx.…


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Research in the field of computer science takes place at the BAdW-Institute Leibniz-Rechenzentrum(LRZ) and concentrates on two main areas: practical and technical computer science and applied computer science. In the field of technical and practical computer science, the following topics are in the focus: integrated management of computer networks, IT services and information security;…


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Munich Center for Internet Research

In December 2015, the Munich Center for Internet Research became the new research center of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences. It will scientifically investigate the social changes associated with the Internet and digitisation and provide orientation for its successful design. For example, it will investigate how digital working environments change when cloud solutions are used or who is…


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Steinerne Zeugen digital. German-Jewish Sepulchral Culture between the Middle Ages and Modernity – Space, Form, Inscription

There are more than 2000 surviving Jewish cemeteries in Germany, some dating from as far back as the eleventh century. Despite great losses, no other European country possesses a comparably old, rich and multi-layered Jewish tradition. These cemeteries are among the oldest testimonies to sepulchral culture in Germany, and therefore their preservation, documentation, development and dissemination…


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