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Die Griechischen Christlichen Schriftsteller der ersten Jahrhunderte

Ancient, christian theologians such as Augustine (354 - 430 AD) or Origines (ca. 185 - 254 AD) shaped the culture of subsequent epochs with their rich oeuvre and often influence it until today. There are many reasons to deal with the effects of classical works. Elementary requirements for this proposition are good text editions. The research unit would like to work in close Cooperation with…


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Galen als Vermittler, Interpret und Vollender Der antiken Medizin

The project “Galen als Vollender, Interpret und Vermittler der antiken Medizin” edits, translates, and comments on medical texts by Galen, which - from today’s perspective - are in the field of tension between the natural sciences and the humanities.

Galen von Pergamon, who worked in Rome in the 2nd century CE as medical advisor to Emperor Marcus Aurelius, became with his extensive oeuvre the…


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Prosopographie der mittelbyzantinischen Zeit

Similar to the famous "Who is Who", the prosopography of the Central Byzantine period (PmbZ) for the years 641 to 1025 covers all important persons of the Byzantine Empire, such as emperors and empresses, patriarchs etc., in short Byzantines with money, power and influence from the capital Constantinople and the provinces, but also from the surrounding medieval world of states. Unlike a modern…


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