Das Corpus der hethitischen Festrituale

Staatliche Verwaltung des Kultwesens im spätbronzezeitlichen Anatolien

Digital Research Environment:

The festival texts are the most extensive but also the least investigated group of cuneiform texts from Hittite Anatolia. At the same time, among the ancient Near Eastern cultures, they also offer a uniquely dense documentation of the cult system and its state administration. The aim of the project is an editorial reconstruction of the corpus, accessible in the form of web-based text editions. Comprehensive studies of the core palaeographic, linguistic, religious, and historical-administrative issues associated with the corpus will also be carried out. Key technologies for the edition and study of Hittite cuneiform texts will be further developed within the framework of the project (database design; web-based text edition; digital recording of cuneiform tablets).

With regard to its complex questions, editorial scope and innovative methodology, the research project marks a new upsurge in the field of Hittology.


  • Prof. Dr. Daniel Schwemer (Project Leader)
  • Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Rieken (Project Leader)
  • Dr. Susanne Görke (Office Site Leader)
  • Prof. Dr. Gerfrid G.W. Müller (Office Site Leader)
  • Dr. phil. Silvin Košak (Research Associate)
  • Dr. Jürgen Lorenz (Research Associate)
  • Dr. Charles Steitler (Research Associate)
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