The “Augustinus-Lexikon” (AL) is a multivolume dictionary of terms and encyclopaedia of Augustine, his life and thinking, his works, people from his personal environment and his contemporary historical context (places, things and circumstances of social, political, cultural, and cultic importance), that comprises about 1200 lemmas.

The terms characteristic of Augustine’s thinking are presented taking into account both Christian and pagan ancient traditions. In order to guarantee the highest possible degree of authenticity, the AL uses exclusively Latin keywords taken from Augustine’s language. The articles are published in German, English or French in double fascicles by Verlag Schwabe AG, Basel. In addition to the usual catalogues, a register volume will open up the entire work in three languages, even under various modern questions.

Occasional symposia, the results of which are presented in the series “Res et Signa. Giessener Augustinus-Studien”, serve the purpose of exchanging ideas and experiences among international and interdisciplinary authors. The project manager is also the director of the Centre for Augustine Research in Würzburg (ZAF), which provides an extensive range of services for Augustine research via the Internet portal The ZAF also publishes the Corpus Augustinianum Gissense (CAG). This CD-ROM makes all of Augustin’s works available in a state-of-the-art, lemmatized EDP text and a list of secondary literature based on the AL lemmata list via a unique retrieval system.


Permanent cooperation partners
Centre for Augustine Research at the University of Würzburg
Schwabe Verlag Basel


  • Dr. phil. habil. theol. Christof Müller (Project Leader)
  • Prof. Dr. Robert Dodaro (Project Leader)
  • Dr. Andreas Grote (Research Associate)
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