Averroes Latinus-Edition

Within the framework of the project, the works of Averroes (1126 - 1198) translated into Latin are to be critically edited. Averroes is Ibn Ruschd, an Arabic-speaking Hispanic Muslim who studied and edited the scientific literature of his time available to him. In particular, his commentaries on Aristotle were translated from Arabic into Latin (later also into Hebrew) from the first half of the 13th century onwards in the translation centres of Spain (Toledo) and Sicily (Palermo) and thus known to the occidental Middle Ages. Ibn Ruschd becomes Averroes or simply the “Commentator”. With the edition of the Latin manuscripts of the 13th and 14th centuries, important foundations of medieval philosophy are made accessible to researchers. The great importance of this author, especially for the Latin world, has long made the preparation of critical editions of his writings an urgent necessity.

The entire project, including the sections Averroes Arabicus and Averroes Hebraicus, is carried out internationally with the participation of scholars from eight countries (Europe, USA, Near East).

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