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The numerous philosophical, theological and homiletic writings of the Saxon pastor Valentin Weigel (1533-1588) circulated initially in handwriting and were - to some extent - only printed at the beginning and end of the 17th century. On the basis of Lutheran-reformational piety, they combine, among other things, neoplatonic and medieval mystical influences with ideas of Renaissance humanism, Sebastian Franck's spiritualism and the philosophy of Paracelsus. Due to its lasting effect on later intellectual currents such as Rosicrucianism, Pietism with its pioneers and German idealism, Weigel's oeuvre holds a key position in the intellectual and intellectual history of early modern times.

The 'New Edition' of the 'All Writings' of Valentin Weigels, conceived as a total of 15 volumes, has the task of making the most important texts of the Weigels corpus of writings accessible in critical editions for research in various fields.

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