Georg Büchner: Sämtliche Werke und Schriften

This project aims to edit all of Büchner's surviving writings – including excerpts – in an critical manner based on the manuscripts or first editions, and will be published by the Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft Darmstadt. The documentary material on the genesis of his writings as well as on his life and early repception is completly reproduced. Further focal points are the documentation of the text sources and a historically based commentary.

The aim of the editors is to contribute the indispensable working basis to the research about Büchner within a manageable period of time and at the lowest possible cost. This includes in particular the complete recording of all written records findings and their presentation, the documentation of the source references of Büchner's works, the historical explanations, appendices with the complete documentation of the life and early reception (until 1853) as well as the preparation of a study edition derived from of the historical-critical edition.

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Sebastian Zwies M.A.

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