Fundmünzen der Antike

The project identifies, records, edits and evaluates coin finds from antiquity. It thus lays the foundation for the historical analysis of this important source material. In view of the mass of finds from the entire ancient Mediterranean region and the neighbouring areas as well as the period under investigation from the 7th century BC to the 9th century AD - in the east until the end of the Byzantine Empire in the middle of the 15th century - this goal can only be achieved through international cooperation. It was initially supported by the Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft and has been in the care of the Academy of Sciences and Literature Mainz since 1986. Publication series of the project are: Fundmünzen der römischen Zeit in Deutschland (FMRD) (30 volumes published) and Studien zu Fundmünzen der Antike (SFMA). The following series are published in international cooperation: Coins of the Roman period in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (FMRL), coins of the Roman period in Slovenia (FMRSl), coins of the Roman period in the Netherlands (FMRN), coins of the Roman period in Croatia (FMRHr). Closely related to the FMRD system are the series of found coins of the Roman period in Austria (FMRÖ), found coins of the Roman period in Hungary (FMRU), and in Italy the series RMRVe (Ritrovamenti monetali in Italia di età Romana nel Veneto), which are supervised by other institutions, RMISA (Ripostigli monetali in Italia, schede anagrafiche), as well as antique coin finds from the city of Rome, 1870 - 1902 (together with the Academy of Sciences and Literature Mainz), and in Switzerland the Inventory of Coins of Switzerland (IFS). The expanded perspective and more precise research objectives provided by the material base lead to new scientific approaches with the help of modern working tools such as a specially created database or metal analyses. The goals and perspectives of the project included:

- the digitalisation of the materials and their publication on the Internet;

- the analysis of the different forms of ancient coin circulation in the Mediterranean and the neighbouring areas, taking into account essential factors such as the political and economic conditions of the respective epoch, the settlement structures or local customs;

- the development of new methods of evaluation, such as the use of the IFS as a tool for the analysis of coins in the field of coinage. e.g. large-scale territorial comparisons of coin circulation or functional analyses of certain mintages;

- the presentation of new forms of presenting even complex facts of ancient numismatics;

- intensive cooperation with the natural and technical sciences and the elaboration of clear questions from the perspective of historical research; - the testing of all these perspectives on suitable examples and their discussion in an international context.

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