Funde der älteren Bronzezeit

Since 2004, the long-term project, which had previously been funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), has been supervised by the Academy of Sciences and Literature, Mainz, and continues to be carried out in close cooperation with the National Museum in Copenhagen and the Archaeological State Museum of the Schleswig-Holstein State Museums Foundation in Schleswig.

The project serves to record and publish all finds and features of the older Bronze Age of the Nordic region in Denmark, Schleswig-Holstein and northern Lower Saxony, including the metal finds of the Middle and Late Neolithic.

All publications follow the respective regional structure. The individual volumes comprise one or more departments for Denmark and one or more districts for Schleswig-Holstein. The contents of each volume include: 1. a catalogue with a description of the location of the sites on the site, the circumstances in which they were found and the finds themselves; the most important excavation plans have been redrawn. 2. a panel with the drawings of the found objects on a scale of 2:3 in a reproduction of the objects as true to the original as possible. 3. a photo section with photos of the excavations and new photos of important burial mounds and other sites. 4. 1:100,000 scale coloured topographic map with entries of the treated sites, all registered burial mounds and megalithic tombs.


  • Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Willroth (Project Leader)
  • Bettina Christiansen (Technical Associate)
  • Dr. Ute Luise Dietz (Research Associate)
  • Jutta Golembiowski (Technical Associate)
  • Rudolf Richardt (Technical Associate)
  • Bettina Schwarze (Technical Associate)
  • Janine von Virag (Technical Associate)
  • Koviljka Zehr-Milic (Technical Associate)
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Sebastian Zwies M.A.

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