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Ein Forschungsprojekt zu den modernen Regionalsprachen des Deutschen

Digital Research Environment:

The objective of the project is to remedy two of the most serious desiderata from the long history of the research of the German language:

  1. The German dialects have been investigated intensively for 180 years (Schmeller 1821). For the “modern regional languages”, i.e. the linguistic variation areas, which present the spoken everyday language of most of the members of the linguistic community in the present time, no comprehensive descriptions exist.
  2. An information structure is missing, which makes it possible to relate and incorporate the numerous research materials and results of the past with modern regional languages that need to be gathered, analytically.

Therefore, the goal of the project is the first systematic indexing of the modern regional languages of the German. The technical basis and data foundation of the project is the “Digital Wenker-Atlas”- the Internet publication of the oldest and, in terms of data volume and local network density, the world's largest language atlas to date. On that basis, the project “ (REDE)” wants to index the spoken overall system of a language of culture and document it in its vertical, spatial and temporal dimension comprehensively. All language data is accessible to scientists and interested laymen via our linguistic geographic information system, the REDE SprachGIS.


  • Prof. Dr. Jürgen E. Schmidt (Project Leader)
  • Prof. Dr. Joachim Herrgen (Project Leader)
  • Prof. Dr. Roland Kehrein (Project Leader)
  • Dipl. Inf. Dennis Bock (Research Associate)
  • Mirja Bohnert-Kraus (Doctoral Candidate)
  • Robert Engsterhold M.Sc. (Research Associate)
  • Dr. Hanna Fischer (Research Associate)
  • Prof. Dr. Heiko Girnth (Research Associate)
  • Dr. Simon Kasper (Research Associate)
  • Carolin Kiesewalter M.A. (Research Associate)
  • Prof. Dr. Alfred Lameli (Research Associate)
  • Juliane Limper M.A. (Research Associate)
  • Jeffrey Pheiff M.A. (Research Associate)
  • Tillmann Pistor M.A. (Research Associate)
  • Victoria Schaub M.A (Research Associate)
  • Hanni Schnell M.A. (Research Associate)
  • Dr. Lars Vorberger (Research Associate)
  • Dr. Anna Wolanska (Research Associate)
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Sebastian Zwies M.A.

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