Alexander von Humboldt auf Reisen. Wissenschaft aus der Bewegung

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The academy project “Alexander von Humboldt auf Reisen. Wissenschaft aus der Bewegung” comprises the complete edition of Alexander von Humboldt’s manuscripts on the topic of travel at the interface of cultural and natural sciences. This includes travel journals, diaries, memoirs, publications in the countries and regions visited as well as correspondence. The focus of the project lies on the manuscripts of both the American and the Russian-Siberian travel diaries. Their edition will comprise eleven volumes, which will be published as both print and digital editions as part of a hybrid project. In addition, extensive material from the Humboldt legacy at the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin-PK and the Biblioteka Jagiellońska in Krakow is indexed and edited according to subject areas in separate material volumes. The digital edition of the project has been available online since autumn 2016, and since May 2017 under the title edition humboldt digital. In addition to the annotated transcriptions of the manuscripts of the estate, the edition humboldt digital publishes extensive research data on AvH chronology and on persons, places, and institutions in the context of Alexander von Humboldt’s work and impact.

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