Jahrhundertwende: Literatur, Künste, Wissenschaften

The project aims to investigate and document the contacts and transfers between the literatures among themselves and between the literatures and other cultural fields, mediated by institutions (associations, publishers, journals, etc.) and individuals for the period from 1885 to 1913 and in the geographical region of Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Russia, Poland, Scandinavia and England. Based on intensive research on the fin de siècle, especially in German philology, the project chooses the transnational (including all languages, taking into account the study area) and transdisciplinary perspective, whereby the "German perspective" is contrasted with the perspectives of other European countries. European literary and cultural journals as well as the dissemination and reception of selected scientific and popular science works serve as a basis. The results of the documentary work will be discussed at international and interdisciplinary colloquia every three years. The basic structures of European mentality, inter-European forms of perception and actual forms of contacts and transfers will be made visible.

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Sebastian Zwies M.A.

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