Grundriss zur Geschichte der deutschen Dichtung aus den Quellen


The ground plan of the history of German poetry from its sources is the basic work of German literary historical research that was simultaneously developed and grown with the subject. The aim is to explore and process all the essential historical facts and data on the development of German literature from its beginning to the end of the 19th century. The chronological presentation of the research history, broken down by individuals, provides a detailed account of the history of the research and, as a result, creates a rationalising instrument that is indispensable for a systematic approach. Due to the broad concept of literature, the “ground plan” opens up an essential part of the written cultural tradition at all and is thus also valuable for the history of science in neighbouring disciplines. The print descriptions also represent the less well-educated older German national bibliography over large distances and are used by both book and historical researchers. The “ground plan” was designed in 1856 by Karl Goedeke (1814 - 1887), a pupil and friend of Jacob Grimm, and completed by him in 1881 with the presentation of all authors and works that have become known since the early Middle Ages, in a first version that reached to 1830. With the “Neue Folge”, which covers the period 1830 to 1880, the work is now continued.


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