Dicziunari Rumantsch Grischun

Nationales Wörterbuch des Rätoromanischen

The Institut des Dicziunari Rumantsch Grischun (IDRG), based in Chur, is the editor of the largest Romansh dictionary in Graubünden. It contains the entire vocabulary of all idioms and dialects documented from the 16th century to the present day, including the spoken language.

The DRG is one of Switzerland's four national dictionaries. The other institutes are located in Zurich (Idiotikon; dictionary of the Swiss-German language), Neuchâtel (Glossaire des patois de la Suisse romande) and Bellinzona (Vocabolario dei dialetti della Svizzera italiana).


  • Continuation of the editing and publication of the Dicziunari Rumantsch Grischun, the national dictionary of the Rhaeto-Romanic language.
  • Continuation of the relevant material collections with a view to inventorying and researching the Romansh dialects and idioms of Graubünden and the Graubünden material culture.
  • Provision of a documentation centre to provide oral and written information on questions concerning Romansh dialects and culture.
  • Advice on scientific research projects concerning the Rhaeto-Romanic language and culture.


  • Dr. Carli Tomaschett (Project Leader)
  • Dr. Ursin Lutz (Project Coordinator)


Institut dal Dicziunari Rumantsch Grischun
Ringstrasse 34
CH-7000 Chur

📞 +41 (0)81 254 70 10

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