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Altokzitanisches Wörterbuch. Dictionnaire de l’occitan médiéval

In the Middle Ages, Old Occitan (formerly “Old Provençal”) was a literary and cultural language, the influence of which extended far beyond the frontiers of Southern France. It was also the language of the troubadours, whose songs had a decisive impact on the love poetry of the European literatures during the Middle Ages. The only comprehensive portrayal of the Old Occitan vocabulary to...

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Deutsches Rechtswörterbuch

The project “Deutsches Rechtswörterbuch” compiles a dictionary of the west Germanic legal language. The dictionary covers a period ranging from the beginning of the written tradition until 1800. It is based on an archive of 2.5 million references. Each volume consists of 5 double-issued booklets with 320 columns each. Every year one double-issued booklet is published. Besides stating specific...

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Wörterbuch des Altuigurischen

The meaning of Old Uyghur or Old Turkish is comparable to Latin in the Romanic languages. However, a state-of-the-art dictionary of this language does not yet exist. But since January 1, 2017, a research project under the supervision of the Göttingen Academy of Sciences has begun to create a dictionary of Old-Uigurian /Old-Turkish. The Turkish people of today’s Uyghurs are not in a position to...

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