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Corpus monodicum. Die einstimmige Musik des lateinischen Mittelalters

The project is dedicated to the research and edition of the music-historically significant, editorially untapped stock of the monodic, ecclesial, and secular music of the European Middle Ages with Latin text. Until the end of the Middle Ages, the music of Europe was determined by Monophony. The permanent abandonment of Monophony and the new concept of the polyphonic compositions constitute the...

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Die frühbuddhistischen Handschriften aus Gandhāra. Religiöse Literatur an der Schnittstelle von Indien, Zentralasien und China

The research project “Die frühbuddhistischen Handschriften aus Gandhāra: religiöse Literatur an der Schnittstelle von Indien, Zentralasien und China” was established in 2012. On the basis of philological and historical methods, it provides new insight into the early history of Buddhism on its way to becoming a world religion. The project studies manuscripts found in the 1990s in northern Pakistan...

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Religions- und rechtsgeschichtliche Quellen des vormodernen Nepal

The project will open up a corpus of documents and texts on the religious and legal history of pre-modern Nepal, which has only been partially edited so far, and make it accessible in both printed and digital form (database). The rare historical material, which arose from the tension between India and Tibet as well as Hinduism and Buddhism and is therefore unique in terms of content and scope,...

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