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Edition der fränkischen Herrschererlasse

The decrees of the Frankish rulers are known as capitularies because of their subdivision into chapters (lat. capitula). They are amongst the most important sources for the history of the Frankish kingdoms. They are instructions similar to laws, ordinances or provisions, regulating political, military, ecclesiastical, social, economic and cultural matters. In almost all parts of the Franconian...

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OPERA - Spektrum des europäischen Musiktheaters in Einzeleditionen

The aim of the internationally geared project is the critical edition of exemplary works of the European music theatre from Baroque to Modernism. Thus, for the first time an academy-project exclusively addresses the music theatre and its diverse manifestations. Published are the works from the French, Italian, German, Scandinavian, and Slavic music theatre. In total, 16 works of different genres...

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Theologenbriefwechsel im Südwesten des Reichs in der Frühen Neuzeit (1550-1620)

During the second half of the 16th century three models of the Reformation (“oberdeutsch”, lutherian, reformed) evolved in Strasbourg, Württemberg (Tübingen) and the Electoral Palatinate (Heidelberg). They strongly influenced each other but also reinforced their delimitation. The research project aims to utilise the historical source “letter” (as well as documents of dedication, reports and...

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