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Historisch-philologischer Kommentar zur Chronik des Johannes Malalas

In the 6th century CE, Johannes Malalas wrote a ‘World Chronicle’ - an account of the history of Adam up to his own time. We don’t know much about the author himself, who didn’t leave any traces outside of his chronicle: he must have worked in the higher provincial administration in Antioch (today Antakya, Turkey), because he was able to make extensive use of the archival material stored there. In...

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Neue Schubert-Ausgabe

The “Neue Schubert-Ausgabe” is a scholarly critical edition of all musical works of Franz Schubert (1797-1828). Its 84 volumes are classified in eight series according to groups of works and include a catalogue of works, documents concerning the biography, and catalogues of sources. Each volume lists the most important sources and interpretations, and is completed by a separate critical...

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Regesta Imperii. Quellen zur Reichsgeschichte

The aim of REGESTA IMPERII is to record all documented and historiographically documented activities of the Roman-German kings and emperors from the Carolingians up to Maximilian I. (approx. 751-1519) as well as of selected popes in the form of German “Regesten” (abstracts). The starting point of the undertaking is strongly connected with the name of the Frankfurt municipal librarian Friedrich...

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