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Johann Friedrich Blumenbach - Online

The project “Johann Friedrich Blumenbach – online” aims at making the rise of German science within the European context visible, and at supplying a missing part in accessible primary source material on the cultural history of the time: the publications of Johann Friedrich Blumenbach. This is particularly significant with regard to an essential aspect of this period: the emergence of modern...

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PROPYLÄEN - Forschungsplattform zu Goethes Biographica. Briefwechsel, Tagebücher, Begegnungen und Gespräche. Chronologie. Quellen. Recherche. Fokus.

The PROPYLÄEN offer access to Goethe’s Biographica. The diaries, correspondence and testimonies of meetings and conversations will be presented digitally for the first time on a common platform in addition to the traditional book editions. There are two objectives of the project: Firstly, the continuation and conclusion of the historical-critical editions of Goethe’s diaries (GT) and letters (GB)...

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