Bayerisches W├Ârterbuch

The Bavarian Dictionary covers the vocabulary of Bavarian dialects from the early Middle Ages to the present. While the linguistic forms of the past are testified from literary sources, the Bavarian dialects of the present are mainly collected through written interviews with dialect speakers. The articles are structured according to their meanings. In addition to information on grammar, age, geographical distribution, frequency of occurrence, phonetics and origin of the word, they also contain example sentences from the present and older sources as well as factual and ethnological information.


  • Dr. Edith Burkhart-Funk
  • Felicitas Erhard
  • Christiane Jell
  • Prof. Dr. Anthony Rowley
  • Dr. Andrea Schamberger-Hirt
  • Gabriele Scheuchenpflug
  • Dr. Michael Schnabel
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