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Briefe und Akten zur Kirchenpolitik Friedrichs des Weisen und Johanns des Beständigen 1513 bis 1532. Reformation im Kontext frühneuzeitlicher Staatswerdung

Elector Friedrich the Wise and his successor Johann were key figures in the early Reformation history. As the sovereigns of Martin Luther, they created the political framework for the expansion and consolidation of the Wittenberg Reformation in Central Germany and beyond. The aim of the edition project is to make the church-political acts of these two prominent reformation princes accessible in a...

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Theologenbriefwechsel im Südwesten des Reichs in der Frühen Neuzeit (1550-1620)

During the second half of the 16th century three models of the Reformation (“oberdeutsch”, lutherian, reformed) evolved in Strasbourg, Württemberg (Tübingen) and the Electoral Palatinate (Heidelberg). They strongly influenced each other but also reinforced their delimitation. The research project aims to utilise the historical source “letter” (as well as documents of dedication, reports and...

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