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Der Tempel als Kanon der religiösen Literatur Ägyptens

The aim of the research project led by Prof. Dr. Christian Leitz, Institute for the Cultures of the Ancient Orient (IANES), Department of Egyptology, is to develop the content of the so-called temple texts, which represent the largest text corpus of Ancient Egypt considering all temporal and geographical differences. The unique feature of this corpus is, apart from the extent and the often...

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Sammlung, Kommentierung und Herausgabe von Papyrusurkunden

Papyrology, epigraphy, and numismatics frequently enrich our knowledge about the cultures of the old world by means of newly discovered materials. Therefore, the above mentioned professions may be regarded as disciplines conducting fundamental research and thus they provide the groundwork for further historical as well as literary research. The project is devoted to the editing, translation, and...

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