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Althochdeutsches Wörterbuch. Thesaurus

The “Althochdeutsches Wörterbuch” of the Saxon Academy of Sciences is a ten-volume dictionary of references to the oldest German language. It documents and indexes the entire vocabulary preserved in texts, glosses, and glossaries from the beginnings of German writing in the 8th century up to late documents of the 13th to 15th century from old traditional sources and spatially from the...

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The “Goethe Wörterbuch” is an individual author’s dictionary of meaning that presents Goethe’s entire vocabulary in alphabetical order. On the basis of approx. three million archive documents concerning about 90,000 keywords, it analyses their usage in systematically structured articles with selected reference quotes. In doing so, we pay equal attention to common language skills, a wide range of...

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Strukturen und Transformationen des Wortschatzes der ägyptischen Sprache. Text-und Wissenskulturen im alten Ägypten

With its 4,500 years of history, the Egyptian-Coptic language, which is now extinct, is the language of mankind that has been handed down in written form for the longest time. Their words are the mirror of the understanding of the world and the universe of knowledge of one of the formative cultures of the Old World. In order to tap the linguistic and cultural studies research potential of this...

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