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Deutsche Wortfeldetymologie. Der Mensch in Natur und Kultur

While other European cultural nations have comprehensive etymological dictionaries, German, one of the world’s most common languages in quantitative terms, lacks a large scientific etymological dictionary. For this reason, the “German etymology of semantic fields in a European Context (DWEE)” wants to close this gap on the one hand: This applies particularly to words that have only appeared since...

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Etymologisches Wörterbuch des Althochdeutschen

The “Etymologisches Wörterbuch des Althochdeutschen (EAW)” examines the entire Old High German vocabulary of about 750 to 1150 CE. The vocabulary of Old High German is the richest among the Old Germanic, because it reflects almost all areas of social life. The EAW closes a serious gap in the corpus of scientific aids for German and Indo-European scholars by developing a research instrument on the...

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