Wissenschaftlich-kritische Herausgabe von Werken Max Regers

URI: https://agate.academy/id/PR.265

Max Reger (1873-1916) has left us, both in terms of expansiveness and complexity, with a monumental oeuvre. Apart from operas, his works encompasses all contemporaneous genres – chamber music, piano compositions, choirs, orchestral pieces and choir symphonies. Especially remarkable are, for a designated pioneer of new music, his work with organs as well as his revisions of other composers’ works, particularly those of Johann Sebastian Bach.

The “Reger-Werkausgabe” (RWA) draws from this vast compilation of works, prominently featuring organ music, 300 songs neglected by the public’s eye, choir music and many of his revisions which predominantly are not easily available anymore.

As one of the first musicology edition projects, the RWA is intended as a hybrid edition. The printed sheet music is accompanied by a digital apparatus, allowing the reader to digest the source material and additional explanatory documents in a musicological manner. All necessary information regarding the revised works is linked to the annotation apparatus of the RWA. Both theory and application greatly benefit from the Reger-Werkausgabe. It offers its user a performable package of Reger’s works while also dissecting and visualising the various stages of the creation of these works, allowing a contextualisation of Reger’s creative process.


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