Joseph Haydn-Gesamtausgabe



The goal of the project is the publication of the first critical scientific complete edition of the works of Joseph Haydn. The edition, with its planned 108 volumes, comprises 32 series (two more are planned as supplements and registers). Within each series, the works will be arranged chronologically if possible. Furthermore, the Haydn-studies will be published, which, among other things, include a Haydn-bibliography. No tradition of other important composers is as problematic as the tradition of Joseph Haydn. Merely a third of his works is preserved in the autograph; the copyist’s transcription forms the focal point of the tradition. (Contemporary prints can be found in a great number but only rarely play a role for the edition). Many works are solely transmitted in non-authentic transcripts – transcripts that were not developed in Haydn’s immediate circle. Therefore, prior to the edition, the dependency of the sources is examined thoroughly. Equally, the authenticity of the works has to be verified because numerous compositions were falsely ascribed to Haydn – famous examples are the “Toy Symphony” and the divertimento from which Johannes Brahms took the theme for his “Haydn-Variations”.


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