Wörterbuch der russischen Sprache der Gegenwart

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In view of outdated Russian-German standard works, for which there will be no replacement in the foreseeable future here, as in Russia, as well as the normative character of previous bilingual Russian dictionaries, the Russian-German dictionary represents a desideratum of great cultural-political significance. The task is to create a complete dictionary on a new and philologically reliable basis, including contemporary source works (novels, stories, non-fiction books, journals, etc.).

In addition to the standard language, the dictionary also takes into account other varieties of the common Russian language, e.g. jargon, slang, camp language, and some specialist vocabulary (with a focus from 1971 onwards), especially since future developments in Russia are likely to lead to significant expansions and shifts in vocabulary in the political, social, and economic spheres. For this purpose the available material from source works is supplemented and constantly kept up to date.

In view of the large number of sources to be excerpted, it was indispensable to use a suitable computer system compatible for all areas for the collection of the vocabulary including context, for the processing of the lexemes up to the manuscript production. This includes the automatic reading in of texts as well as the structuring in a database, which serves as a basis for the creation of the dictionary articles and should allow access to the entire material stock during the project.

The consistent use of IT also makes it possible to create a CD-ROM version before printing the first volumes, which will be available to the scientific community in a preliminary and correction phase.


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