Martin Bucers Deutsche Schriften


The Edition of Martin Bucer's German Writings is the German branch of the international project of a first historical-critical complete edition of Martin Bucer's works, the other two parts (Latin works and correspondence) of which are being developed at the University of Strasbourg and the University of Erlangen.

The Strasbourg reformer Martin Bucer (Butzer) has considerable significance for the institutions of the Protestant churches through the church orders he drafted for various German territories and imperial cities, which, mediated by Calvin, also influenced the entire Reformed Protestantism. In addition, he has tirelessly endeavoured to bring Protestants into contact with one another and with the Catholic Church, so that his writings are also of interest for today's ecumenical discussions. Also the inquiries of the representatives of the so-called “left wing” of the Reformation were seriously considered by him and taken up with his commitment for the introduction of confirmation and church discipline. He also made fundamental contributions to the relationship between state and church, insofar as on the one hand he represented the freedom of the church from the state to free church considerations, but on the other hand during his Cambridge time he laid the foundation for the English state church. The edition of Martin Bucer's German writings is one of the most important projects for the entire Reformation period. Bucer's writings on the Last Supper (1529 - 1539) and his writings on the Cologne Reformation (1543/1545) are currently being prepared for edition.


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