Schleiermacher - Kritische Gesamtausgabe


The task of the research centre is the critical edition of the writings and the estate of the theologian, philosopher, philologist and secretary of the Academy Friedrich Daniel Ernst Schleiermacher (1768 - 1834), one of the most distinguished figures in the intellectual history of the 19th century. A critical edition of the writings, the estate and the exchange of letters has long been a desideratum. At the beginning of 1984 the Kiel office of the edition was included in the academy programme, and in 1994 the Berlin office.

The Critical Schleiermacher Complete Edition (KGA) is divided into five sections:

(I: Writings and drafts; II: Lectures; III: Sermons; IV: Translations; V: Correspondence and biographical documents), of which the lectures and correspondence in Berlin are processed. The edition is carried out in coordination with the Göttingen Academy of Sciences, which is responsible for the edition of the first department at the Schleiermacher Research Centre at Kiel University.


Sebastian Zwies M.A.

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