Inscriptiones Graecae


The task of the project “Inscriptiones Graecae” is the critical edition of all known ancient Greek inscriptions, divided into regions and landscapes. This plan was modified in 1903. Since then, the edition has been limited to the inscriptions of the Greek mainland and the Aegean islands, which are indispensable sources of documentation for the study of ancient Greece. The epigraphic material comprises 15 volumes, each consisting of several fascicles. New versions (Editiones alterae) or supplementary volumes are planned for the new inscriptions that appear again and again.

The importance of the project lies in the provision of an eminently important documentary material, especially for historical, linguistic, and cultural studies in the broadest sense. It is not intended to merely compile the published inscriptions, taking into account the published philological and historical literature, but to always aim for a revision of the original medium, which at the same time has to be ensured in photography and copy for further study.

To date, more than 50,000 inscriptions have been recorded and indexed for scientific processing. In 1999 the new edition of the Attic inscriptions since the 4th century BC was started in international cooperation.


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