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Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph von Schelling (1775-1854) is with Fichte and Hegel one of the most important representatives of German Idealism. The Historical-Critical Edition of Schelling’s Works presents Schelling’s works, his posthumous papers, transcripts and letters in three series (I: published works, II: unpublished works and notes, III: Letters from and to Schelling). The edited texts are being approached with explanatory notes, detailed indices and comprehensive editorial reports with regard to their form, origin and reception. The Project also collects all the important documents researching the life and thinking of Schelling. They are being archived as originals, digital reproductions or copies and documented. The results won from collecting, archiving and documenting are entered into a database freely available for the interested. The Schelling project of the Bavarian Academy supports the research on Schelling's philosophy. It cooperates with the “International Schelling Society”.

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