Orlando di Lasso-Gesamtausgabe

Revidierte Neuauflage

URI: https://agate.academy/id/PR.53

Orlando di Lasso (1530/1532-1594) was the most important composer of the 16th century. His oeuvre comprises more than 1300 compositions, about 480 prints from the years between 1555 and 1687 confirm his popularity and the unbroken performance tradition long after his death. He worked at the court of the Wittelsbach dukes Albrecht V. and Wilhelm V. (from 1557 as tenor and from 1563 until his death as chapelmaster) and thus made Munich the most important centre of music in the second half of the 16th century.

The aim of the project is to publish a new edition of the Lasso edition, revised according to today's knowledge of the source, edited between 1894 and 1927 by F. X. Haberl and A. Sandberger, and to continue this edition in the so-called New Series. The main part of the work is the revision of the eleven motet volumes in the old edition, as the new series was completed with the publication of the 26th volume in 1996. A three-volume catalogue of Lasso's works with a systematic compilation and critical description of the printed sources as well as a comprehensive bibliography (an inalienable prerequisite for a historical-critical edition) was presented in 2001. In 2015, a database of more than 800 manuscripts with music by Lasso was created in cooperation with the Bavarian State Library.

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