Neuedition, Revision und Abschluss der Werke Immanuel Kants


The Royal Prussian Academy of Sciences started with a complete edition of the writings of Immanuel Kant in 1894, which is published in the sections “work”, “correspondence”, “handwritten literary remains” and “lectures” since 1900. The project will complete the edition by reediting or revising the sections “work” and “correspondence”, by filling up essential lacunae and by correcting plenty of deficits in the already published books. With that, “Kants gesammelte Schriften” shall become once again the international reference edition for humanities research.

Apart from the edition of the book 26.2 of the lecture about “physical geography” and the new edition of “Opus postumum” in the books 21 and 22, the following will be edited for the first time: Kant’s handwritten annotations in his copy of Alexander Gottlieb Baumgarten’s “Metaphysica” (3rd ed., Halle 1750), 32 newly found letters since 1955, and finally Kant’s extensive ministerial correspondence, especially the texts from and about Kant’s academic engagement as teacher, dean and headmaster at the University of Königsberg.

To rebuild the inner coherence of the edition, plenty of revisions have to be made: the readaptation of book 4, including fundamental texts like “Metaphysics of Morality”, the edition of the last book of the literary remains section, which shall include a) Baumgarten’s “Metaphysica”, b) that part of the manuscript collection that is not a part of “Opus postumum” and c)“Lose Blätter” (“loose sheets”) that are published outside of the academy edition and are newly found since 1955, and finally the complete edition of Johann Gottfried Herder’s apostils of lectures in an additional publication.


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