Katalog der deutschsprachigen illustrierten Handschriften des Mittelalters

URI: https://agate.academy/id/PR.81

The „Katalog der deutschsprachigen illustrierten Handschriften des Mittelalters", KdiH, (Catalogue of German-Language Illustrated Medieval Manuscripts) provides a basis for the text-image-research in the German lands. It focuses on the specific interplay and multi-facetted interdependencies of text and image. Art historians and textual scholars of German vernacular texts work hand in hand, creating a unique interface in manuscript science. This interface brings together in its analysis various different aspects of literary and cultural studies as well as art history. By documenting and describing these manuscripts, the KdiH has created a tool for medievalists of all disciplines, including historians, theologians, medical and legal scholars as well as literary scholars and codicologists.

The KdiH describes all manuscripts transmitting illustrated German texts dating from before ca. 1520. The KdiH also includes illustrated incunables and early printed books with illustrations that relate back to the manuscript tradition. All in all, the KdiH records about 2,500 manuscripts, organized in some 150 subject categories.

Currently a new database "Deutschsprachige illustrierte Handschriften des Mittelalters" is being developed as an additional research tool supplementing the printed catalogue. This database will serve the catalogue staff as a base for digital workflows. It will also allow users to research the printed catalogue’s complete database via Open Access.

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