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Die frühbuddhistischen Handschriften aus Gandhāra. Religiöse Literatur an der Schnittstelle von Indien, Zentralasien und China

The research project “Die frühbuddhistischen Handschriften aus Gandhāra: religiöse Literatur an der Schnittstelle von Indien, Zentralasien und China” was established in 2012. On the basis of philological and historical methods, it provides new insight into the early history of Buddhism on its way to becoming a world religion. The project studies manuscripts found in the 1990s in northern Pakistan…

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Tamilex. Establishment of an electronic corpus of classical Tamil literature and the corresponding historical lexicon informed by emic exegetical and lexicographical sources

The early poetic anthologies of classical Tamil form part of the great literary heritage of mankind, even if they are still little known in the West. Just the first millennium comprises a tradition of erotic and heroic poetry, but also didactic, epic and devotional collections, along with a sophisticated systems of grammatical, poetical and lexicographical knowledge, which on the one hand was used…

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