PROPYLÄEN - Forschungsplattform zu Goethes Biographica

Briefwechsel, Tagebücher, Begegnungen und Gespräche. Chronologie. Quellen. Recherche. Fokus.


The PROPYLÄEN offer access to Goethe’s Biographica. The diaries, correspondence and testimonies of meetings and conversations will be presented digitally for the first time on a common platform in addition to the traditional book editions. There are two objectives of the project:

Firstly, the continuation and conclusion of the historical-critical editions of Goethe’s diaries (GT) and letters (GB) compiled at the Goethe and Schiller Archive in Weimar, the Regest edition of the letters to Goethe (RA) and the edition of Goethe's Encounters and Talks (BG).

Secondly, the establishment of a digital research platform, in which all the texts, comments and registers made available in the editions are brought together and linked together. The platform will be freely accessible via the Internet. In addition to the contents of the printed editions, it will contain the facsimiles of all manuscripts on Goethe’s biographical works and, for the first time, the complete transcriptions of the letters to Goethe. In doing so, users are given the opportunity to search the presented sources and their comments in a differentiated way and to structure the results according to their own needs. The information architecture of the platform is open, so that Goethe’s autobiographical texts as well as other digital resources, source and reference works can be integrated.

The running time of the project is 25 years. Within this timeframe, the volumes of the book editions are to be published in chronological order. The material will gradually be accessible in the portal in individual time periods.

The project is managed by Dr. Bernhard Fischer, Director of the Goethe and Schiller Archives, Prof. Dr. Klaus Manger (Member of the Saxon Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Leipzig), and Prof. Dr. Ernst Osterkamp (Member of the Academy of Sciences and Literature in Mainz).

The project is located in two workplaces. Goethe editions are produced at the Goethe and Schiller Archive in Weimar. At the “Freies Deutsches Hochstift in Frankfurt am Main”, the project aspects associated with the “Digital Humanities” are being developed.


  • Dr. Bernhard Fischer (Project Leader)
  • Prof. Dr. Klaus Manger (Project Leader)
  • Prof. Dr. Ernst Osterkamp (Project Leader)
  • Dr. Manfred Koltes (Office Site Leader)
  • Dr. Ulrike Bischof (Research Associate)
  • Claudia Häfner (Research Assistant)
  • Dr. Christian Hain (Research Associate)
  • Dr. Katharina Hofmann-Polster (Research Associate)
  • Dr. Annette Mönnich (Research Associate)
  • Dr. Elke Richter (Office Site Leader)
  • Dr. Johannes Barth (Research Associate)
  • Dr. Héctor Pardo (Research Associate)
  • Dr. Jutta Eckle (Research Associate)
  • Dr. Volker Giel (Research Associate)
  • Dr. Yvonne Pietsch (Research Associate)
  • Dr. Alexander Rosenbaum (Research Associate)
  • Anja Stehfest (Research Associate)
  • Dr. Bettina Zschiedrich (Research Associate)
  • Dr. Margrit Glaser (Research Associate)
  • Johannes Korngiebel (Research Associate)
  • Dr. Ariane Ludwig (Research Associate)
  • Dr. Renate Grumach
  • Dr. Bastian Röther (Research Associate)
  • Dr. Angelika Reimann
  • Dominik Kasper (Office Site Leader)
  • Hans-Werner Bartz (Research Associate)
  • Janina Kühner (Research Associate)
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Responsible for the academies' programme

Sebastian Zwies M.A.

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