Herausgabe der gesammelten Werke G.W.F. Hegels

URI: https://agate.academy/id/PR.407

Based on a contractual agreement, the historical-critical Hegel edition of the Academy will be produced in the Hegel Archive, an institution of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum. The edition has three sections: the first section has been the subject of the work of the last three decades. Eighteen of the twenty-two volumes planned for the first section, containing Hegel's publications and manuscripts, are available, the remaining four are in progress.

Further work concentrates on the second section with the transcripts of Hegel's lectures. About 150 transcripts became known; 100 of them could be collected (at least in copies). Preeditions served to discuss an adequate editing method. The third section brings the letters from and to Hegel as well as the official correspondence; provisional editions, which are continuously supplemented, presented most of the texts. The work is accompanied by the yearbook “Hegel-Studien”.

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